Peteris Brosovs


My name is Peteris Brosovs and here you can see some of my artworks what I have made. I have many drawings, but not most of them are more like sketches and are waiting to be included in some art work. I like to make visual complicated drawings, wich makes people go closer to a drawing and enjoy all of the details and things. I develop most of my drawings with pencil,marker and color them with traditional way or digital media. Most of my art works show that you don`t have to think about correctly one thing you want to make, but you can just free your mind and still make a good looking art work and feeling good with it.
If you like them you can contact with me and give me advice to make more or make something special for someone. Thank you.

Art is life, Life is Art


  • Drawing
  • animation
  • music(percussions)


  • Macromedia flash